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Monday, September 20, 2010

Brewfest is Here ...

The Stormwind City Fountain decorated for Brewfest

To those of you that are not gamers that read my blog for what it is 90% of the time let me give you my nerd warning here ... although you may find this funny ... and can make fun of the true nerdiness that is WoW ... within the game all sorts of holidays are celebrated ...

My mage on her Swift Brewfest Ram, at the entrance to Brewfest
My Mage on her Great Brewfest Kodo at Brewfest
Brewfest is upon us ... two weeks of drunken madness ... inside a game ... so for those of you that don't know about these things ... when you drink in the world of warcraft your screen gets blurry and can even kind of swirl ... making for an
almost sea-sick, hand-held experience for those behind the keyboard. Full of small achievements to earn the meta-achievement, brewmaster and the meta-achievement being part of a larger meta-achievement, what a long strange trip it's been,  that earns you the coveted reins of the violet proto-drake ... Brewfest is a very popular event in the game ...  also you have a chance every day of getting the swift brewfest ram and the great brewfest kodo ... plus several pets ... so even if, like me, one of your greatest joys in the game is getting companion pets and new mounts to ride, there's something good for everyone .... plus, for those of us that can't or don't partake in an actual
brewfest or Oktoberfest in real life ... it give us an opportunity to feel like we're part of the season!

My Priest on her Violet Proto-Drake flying above Crystalsong Forest ... wings flapping and all

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