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Monday, August 23, 2010

Moved in ... mostly

I am mostly moved in now, to my mom's basement.

It is a very, very hard thing to move back into a house that your parent(s) run when you are 32 years old and have lived without a parent for almost 12 years. Besides, I'm used to being the parent, not having one.

My mom and I agree on a lot and disagree on a lot ... in the end I know it will be okay.

I still have to go clean out and pack a few things from my kitchen, dining room and yard at my old house. My dad has actually been very understanding about timing, which I am thankful for.

After a couple days of settling in here, I will be back on the job hunt and figuring out where I go from here, because here is definitely not where I'm staying.

My girls started at their new school today, I'm excited to hear how it went. I'm glad they will be back into a normal schedule, they will have that sense of normalcy.

I'm exhausted and it's almost time to go pick them up ... so goodbye for now ... so much more to write ... just no energy ...
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