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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flashes in my Mind ... Archived from 09/19/2008

I have flashes in my mind
of things I didn't want to see
things I don't want to remember
places I didn't want to be

Flashes in my mind
of things that were done and said
all I want is these flashes
to just get out of my head

Crippling are these images
that just can't let me be
like a flashing neon sign
saying you must remember me

These flashes in my mind
they come on suddenly
they keep me in the past
they just hold on to me

I just want these flashes
to leave and let me be
but I have a funny feeling
they'll always be with me . . .

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mon said...


but maybe it's not bad that they stay with you...because in the future, when you've learned more about yourself and are a stronger person, those memories will still be there, but you'll be able to see how far you've come and more appreciate the blessings you've received since.

<3 U

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