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Monday, December 20, 2010

Fake Plastic Mistletoe ... Archived From 11/25/2008

The opening words of the song below :

"Great, fake plastic mistletoe, wrap me a in a great big bow, and tear me apart. . . It's Christmastime, so open up the floodgates, tell me that it'll be late, and rip me apart"

So, I don't know that I even need to write anything in explanation . . . but from the time I can remember, from the time my dad and his siblings can remember, my grandmother hung mistletoe over her and my grandfather's bed . . . something I recall even as a child thinking was terribly romantic . . . so when I was 15 (the first year I wasn't "single" on Christmas) I followed in tradition (even though I definitely wasn't sleeping with the guy lol) . . . since then I've spent a few Christmas seasons single or barely dating someone . . . but this year just seems
a little harder . . . a little less like tradition . . . I dread the sight of mistletoe . . . the Christmas love songs . . . all the emotion and sentiment that goes along with Christmas at all . . . I'm glad I have the kids to focus on . . . because Christmas through the eyes of a child makes the whole thing much more amazing, much more worth while . . . and then I think I have to focus on healing my spirit, because I can't keep going on with life with a broken spirit . . . there is hope in the song . . . which is part of why I like it . . . it starts out bitter and sad . . . but then leads to this . . .

"It's not Christmas if the snow don't fall, And I'm still standing here three feet small, Lose our troubles because after all, It's Christmas time"

Added with the re-post:

I will say that while my reasoning has changed ... this song means a lot to me this Christmas as well ... being without the ones you love at the holidays, isn't much different than being without anyone ... but overall I still like the message that this song ends in hope ...
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